Hallcube Mediatower

The Hallcube LED-Advertising Tower

The perfect appearance for big brands and their advertising

In 2015 we built the Hallcube LED-Advertising Tower with two separate LED-screens and an advertising area with over 300 m² directly at the roadside. The dimension of one LED-Display is 15 m in width and 10 m in height. For a High Definition Resolution we used a 10 mm Pixelpitch, which guarantees a brilliant image quality. With this project the Hallcube PLC creates new standards of screen-quality and resolution as never seen before. High class advertising spots in HD-video quality as well as static pictures or picture animation - the Hallcube LED-Advertising Tower is your best choice.

The LED-Advertising Tower not only scores with its two HD-LED Displays, but also by its impressive design. It integrates perfectly into the cityscape and enriches the city of Halle by a real sight. The tower with its 22 meter in height and with the two 150 m² LED-Displays is the new eye catcher in the Leipzig-Halle economic area and whole central German region.

Come and be a part - your customers will be stoked, that's for sure! We will deliver your message with a maximum effect. All kind of possibilities like still images, animations, event tips, news and of course videos, can be implemented – of course everything in High Definition quality. For more information and booking requests please visit www.hallcube.de

Hallcube - The Lighthouse in the vast ocean of advertising.

We are planning further projects in Germany – For our clients, for us! Investments which will pay off.