How do we reach customers,
how can we create emotions?

Advantages of moving pictures in video board advertising

Internationally oriented market studies have proven: The classic poster has had its day. We live in a digital world and only visually appealing, moving messages leave lasting impressions in today's information overload. Or we can say hit the emotional spot - it will stick. This impression creates the impulse, the final impulse for convincing your target audience of your product.

With an LED - display, you meet your target group several times a day, extraordinary, emotional - moving.

Even in digital advertising applies: "Big is beautiful". We at Hallcube focus on sites with that certain something, which are eye catching, which cannot be ignored. Challenge us in a conversation. We will inform you about our LED - display locations - our LED - marketing network.

Hallcube Mediatower

As the largest project the Hallcube Media Tower will be online in 2014, a spacy 22.5 m high tower, which houses two video walls, each 162 m², 16 x 10 m for you - for your.

  • You will be the hot topic and quickly achieve notoriety.
  • With your advertising message a pulse is set and emotion transported.
  • Enjoy all innovative features of the digital giant poster.
  • Experience the digital medium through animations and effects
  • Approach your customers with fresh, moving advertising
  • So you achieve the lasting impression, the emotional spot, the impulse to buy

Focus on digital creativity

From the still picture to animation, competitions, networking, QR codes, ticker to Event tips and news allows communication with your customers be created anew. We will gladly advise you of Hallcube. What suits your brand, your message your product?