Service / Maintenance of your LED - Display

Operation without faults requires maintenance and prompt at location service. Hallcube ensures service and maintenance by his own technical team. On demand the service and the maintenance according to regulations can as well carried by licensed technical companies of Hallcube. Carrying out a maintenance on your LED Display will be charged with approx. € 1.800,00 plus VAT. Points to be investigated please look into our checklist.

Maintenance – checklist

What will be done with your LED – Display if you order Hallcube to execute a maintenance?

Checking and measurement of the alternating current sub-distribution & fuses and safety catches

  • Phase checking
  • Testing of fuses
  • Checking of access wiring to alternating current sub-distribution

LED circuit boards and signal distribution

  • Checking the points of the signal ducts
  • Replacement of defect LED – circuit boards
  • Testing of current & signal distribution (for ex. measure of soldered joints)
  • cleaning of LED – circuit boards

Power supply units including strain test

  • Measurement and eventual adjustment of voltage on the power supply units
  • Strain test on full white (maximum brightness)

Software and communication check

  • Checking und adjustment of software parameters
  • Execution of an serial communication check
  • Checking on updates and installation of updates

Controls & dimmer switches

  • DVI signals und signals on the driver circuit boards (send and receive cards)
  • DVI / HDMI signals on the DVI/HDMI splitters
  • Initialization of the parameters of the DVI extenders (Checking und adjustment of dimmer switches)
  • Checking the PC hardware

Mechanics & EMC

electromagnetic compatibility according to EU-guideline 2004/108/EC

  • Checking EMC seals on conductivity
  • Checking hinges and locks
  • Checking for corrosion and if required deletion of corrosion
  • Checking screw connecting points for the construction

Backup system

  • Configuration data of LED-Display export to the backup PC
  • Advertising spots export to the backup PC

Picture homogeneity & LED – circuit boards

  • When installing replacement circuit boards the exchanged LED – circuit boards will be identified by serial numbers and documented
  • Removed fault LED circuit boards will be set in the same position after repair.
  • Comparison of picture homogeneity. In this work part newer and thereby brighter circuit boards will installed in the outside of the LED-Display

Additional checks on LED - Displays on trailers or trucks

  • Checking, greasing and adjustment of the lifting capacity and revolving mechanism
  • Checking of the electric controls of the lifting capacity and revolving mechanism (remote control, controls on trailer/truck, safety functions)
  • Checking der shafts, trailer coupling, brakes, axles, rims and tires
  • Check view on the construction which takes up the LED - Display