Hallcube Superior 16:9

The Design LED – Display

The Superior Hallcube sets standards. The video board stands out not only for its matchless image quality, but also by its delicate and elegant Hallcube design.

The correct pixel pitch / RGB (DIP) or SMD

Hallcube offers all common pixel distances of 8 mm to 16 mm at both technologies RGB (DPI) and SMD . Both technologies have their advantages depending on the location and type of use. We will advise you on the merits of each system.

Size / Viewing distance / Resolution

Depending on the chosen size and the viewing distance of your LED - video wall results the ideal pixel pitch and the optimal resolution.

Hallcube Quality Standard

In terms of resolution and picture quality, even with smaller system, Hallcube always uses a size respective pixel spacing. Thus Hallcube achieves with its LED - displays the optimal resolution. This way you can provide your clients with the best presentation of very high quality designs.