Hallcube Megalight 4:3 Videoboard

The all-round talent of the video boards

The Megalight is the bridge between the classic print media and the old TV format. With the aspect ratio 4:3, it covers both the old TV format with 640 x 480 pixels, as well as the full width print format of 365 x 252 cm. Therefore your LED– Videoboard offers your customers the greatest value.

Adjust various promotional motives

With the Megalight format, you can easily serve advertisers from both the print division as well as in the TV division. For adjusting your various promotional motives on the display format, the Megalight LED - display is equipped with a software tool that allows the contents to be displayed in an optimal fitting.

Size / Viewing distance / Resolution

Depending on the chosen size and the viewing distance of your LED - video wall results the ideal pixel pitch and the optimal resolution.

The correct pixel pitch / RGB (DIP) or SMD

Hallcube offers all common pixel distances of 8 mm to 16 mm at both technologies RGB (DPI) and SMD . Both technologies have their advantages depending on the location and type of use. We will advise you on the merits of each system.